Travelling to the Vilyuchinsky waterfall

Travelling to the Vilyuchinsky waterfall

One-day trip by snow-mobile to the Vilyuchinsky volcano. The volcano “Vilyuchinskaya Hill” (2175 m) is situated south-west from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, just behind the Avachinskaya bay.It is considered as an extinct volcano and presented with the cone of the right form. It is brightly white in winter or covered with repeated strips of grey rocky ribs and white snowy glades in summer. Vilyuchinsky is the main decoration of the Avachinskaya bay panorama. On the northern near the top cone there is a small hole of its destroyed crater. Deep cutting of the cone proves that lava eruptions happened long ago. On the north-western slope there is one of the most beautiful waterfall of Kamchatka. It is called Vilyuchinsky. It represents the cascade of water of the height of 40 meters, founded as a result of show glade melting. The rock from which the water falls resembles a heart by its form. In winter time the water is frozen and the waterfall stands still expecting the first spring warmth.

The Vilyuchinsky volcano is included into the list of World cultural heritage of UNESCO in the nomination “Volcanoes of Kamchatka”.

                Time      Program

                9:00       Gathering of the group. Moving   by car   to the settlement Termalny.

                10:00     Arrival to the place of snow -mobiles   location. Instructions.

                13:00     Arrival to the Vilyuchinsky        waterfall. Hot tea.

                14:00     Photo session. Descending on the   icy – sleds.

                16:30     Return to the place of start.

                17:30     Transfer to the place of group gathering.

Period of tour organizing: December-May

Duration: 1 day

Number of persons in a group: 4 and more


You can see

Vilyuchinsky volcano
Vilyuchinsky Waterfall

Necessary individual equipment

warm high boots/boots, warm sport wind and water-proof jacket and pants, rucksack for personal things, gloves/mittens, hat, scarf, sun-glasses, mountaineering glasses, protecting means for face (mask, hygienic lipstick, etc.)
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