Climate of Kamchatka

Climate of Kamchatka

Climate of Kamchatka

For Kamchatka climate is typical high diversity and changing of the weather, envisaged by influence of seas and the Pacific ocean, movement of the aie masses and relief.

Coastal territories of the peninsula have the features of marine climate.

In central and northern districts the climate is close to a continental one.

In the eastern districts within one day summer hot may be changed by cold rain close to deep autumn or by fog with wind, then the warm weather may return.

The coldest part of   the region is Central Kamchatka where average January temperature is -22 degrees C. The coldest temperature was -57 near Milkovo settlement, although the “pole of the cold” is in Verkhne-Penzhino, where the temperature -64 was registered. The most hot temperatures are of the coasts and islands in August, but in central part of the peninsula – in July. The hottest temperature was registered near Dolinovka settlement - +37.

The number of warm days with temperature + 20 in Kamchatka is not many, not more than 55 (in the valley of Kamchatka river).

Cyclonic activity affects Kamchatka climate. Cyclones move through south-eastern coast and bring moist air of    Japan and Yellow seas, snowfalls and stormy winds.

In Central Kamchatka, protected from influence of the cyclones by strong ridges prevails a frosty, calm and not cloudy weather of a continental type.

In Kamchatka there is more precipitation when anywhere else in Russia which is not regular in seasons. Summer is very rainy in Kamchatka. In winter season the weather conditions are changeable, such as   sudden snowfalls very often accompanied by strong winds. Sometimes it falls 100% and more of snow.

Temperature, precipitation and other climatic factors and also geological structure and relief envisaged modern glaciating. There are more than 414 glaciers in the region with total area of 871,1 sq. km. They are located mostly in mountainous massives and volcanoes.

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