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Geographic position of Kamchatka

Geographic position of KamchatkaMore

Kamchatka region is situated on the most north-east of Russia and occupies the territory of 472,3 ths. sq. km.
Rivers and lakes of Kamchatka

Rivers and lakes of KamchatkaMore

There are about 14 100 rivers and streams in Kamchatka, most of them have the length up to 10 km and only 105 – more then 100 km.
Climate of Kamchatka

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For Kamchatka climate is typical high diversity and changing of the weather, envisaged by influence of seas and the Pacific ocean, movement of the aie masses and relief.
Population of Kamchatka

Population of KamchatkaMore

Nowadays Kamchatka is one of less populated territories of our country.
Volcanoes of Kamchatka

Volcanoes of KamchatkaMore

Kamchatka and Kurils – the only territories in Russia with modern volcanism.
Animal  world   of  Kamchatka

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Animal  world  is spread  on the territory  of  Kamchatka  in accordance  with  peculiarities  of  the  relief, climate, vegetation.
Vegetation of Kamchatka

Vegetation of KamchatkaMore

Diversity of vegetation in Kamchatka is envisaged by geographic position of the territory, influence of moist monsoon climate, mountain relief, landscapes, volcanism and accompanying phenomena and processes.

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