Animal world of Kamchatka

Animal  world   of  Kamchatka

Animal world of Kamchatka

Animal  world  is spread  on the territory  of  Kamchatka  in accordance  with  peculiarities  of  the  relief, climate, vegetation. In the northern districts  there prevail  animals  of tundra zone, on the peninsula – taiga.

Animal  world  of  each  zone  is various.

Sufficient  part  in the forming  of animal world  of the region  plays its  isolation  in post-glacier  period . Here  live  now  brown bear, rein-deer, snow-ship, hare, wolverine, lynx.

On the other side  Kamchatka isolation  brought  to  appearance on new  species of animals – Kamchatka  sable  and  kamchatka   marmot.

The special  feature  of animal  world  is  lack  of snails.

For  the  birds  the surrounding  seas  are not an obstacle. There are  more than 200 species  of them here, mostly  sea-ones.   Main of them  come to Kamchatka  for nestling.

From sea-mammals  there are different types  of  seals in  shore waters. Numerous  of  them  fur-seals  and sea-lions. Fur-seals  have  big  rookeries on Komandorkiye islands and come there  only  in  summer period. Sea-lions live by small groups  almost  everywhere in Kamchatka. On  Komandorkiye islands live  sea-otters.

The main wealth  of  Kamchatka is salmon -  humpbacked  salmon, sock-eye (red salmon), silver salmon, king salmon, masu, rainbow trout. Also herring,  cod, navaga, halibut, flounder, etc.

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