Flight over Gorelo-Mutnoskaya group of volcanoes

Flight over Gorelo-Mutnoskaya group of volcanoes

Volcano Mutnovsky is one of the biggest geothermal fields in the world. From its crater there is a discharge of volcanic gases mixed with steam. Its height is 2323 m over the sea level..

Flight to the Mutnovsky volcano   from the helicopter   flight takes 30 minutes.

Duration of the flight is 15 minutes.

Volcano Gorely is a chain of 12 craters, around and inside of which situated many lakes and fumaroles. Its top is on the height of 1829 m over the sea level.

Flight to the Gorely from the Mutnovsky takes 10 minutes.

Duration of the over flight is 15 minutes.

It is possible a landing into the crater with an excursion and   look at the acid lake.

Period: all year round upon request

The price includes
Into the price is NOT included

You can see

Mutnovsky volcano
Gorely volcano

Necessary individual equipment

warm high boots/boots, warm sport wind and water-proof jacket and pants, rucksack for personal things, gloves/mittens, hat, scarf, sun-glasses, mountaineering glasses, protecting means for face (mask, hygienic lipstick, etc.)

Attention: passport is necessary!
transfer to the heliport, guide services, insurance, rental of warm clothes if necessary.
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