The Valley of Geysers / caldera of Uzon volcano / Nalychevskiye hot springs

The Valley of Geysers / caldera  of  Uzon volcano / Nalychevskiye hot springs

The Valley of Geysers belongs to Kronotsky National Biosphere Reserve on the eastern range. It is located in a volcanic canyon 4km wide, 8km long and 400 meters deep. It was unknown until 1941.

On June 3, 2007 a massive landslide or mud-flow of 22.7 million m3 took place. It created a 60 meters high barrier that had increased the water level of Geyzernaya River and gave birth to the lake “Ozero Geyzernoye”. No one was hurt or killed in the catastrophe. However, the valley was deeply damaged. Quickly nature showed its strength of regeneration. Now the valley looks almost the same as before.

Caldera Uzon is a unique place. It appeared more than 40 thousand years

an the place of a former volcano as a result of destructive earthquake. It will wonder you by the variety of volcanic manifestations.

It’s a real pleasure to bathe in the thermal water of Nalychevskiye hot   springs after flights.

·         Tours are organized from July to October (no Uzon in June).

·         Total duration of the excursion – 6 – 7 hours.

·         Lunch on the route (lunch – boxes).

·         Each group is accompanied by a skilled guide.

·         Those who would like to swim in hot springs should have bathing suits.


You can see

Geisers valley
Kaldera of Uzon Volcano
Nalychevo Hot Spring
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