Excursion to the Karyshimskiye springs

Excursion to the Karyshimskiye springs

The route passes from the settlement Termalny along the valleys of the rivers Paratunka, Karymshina to the Karymshinskiye hot springs. By desire it is possible to swim in the springs. Karymshinskiye hot springs make the part of the Upper- Paratunskaya geothermal system attached to the zone of a gigantic caldera of the extinct super volcano, situated between the mountains Yagodnoye, Tolsty Cape, Babiy Stone.

Nowadays there are a drill-hole on the thermal site and a swimming –pool. The hot springs have the healing effect – they treat the bones problems, allergic and skin diseases.

                Time      Program

                10:00     Gathering   of the group. Moving by car to the settlement Termalny.

                11:00     Arrival to the place of snow-mobiles location. Instructions.

                13:00     Arrival to the Karymshinskiye hot springs. Snacks   and tea.

                14:00     Bathing . Photo session.

16:00 Return to the place of start. 18:00 Transfer to the   city.

Period of tour organizing: December - May

Duration: 1 day

Number of persons in a group: 1 and more

The price includes
Into the price is NOT included

You can see

Thermalny Valley
Karymshinsky Hot Springs

Necessary individual equipment

warm high boots/boots, warm sport wind and water-proof jacket and pants, rucksack for personal things, gloves/mittens, hat, scarf, sun-glasses, mountaineering glasses, protecting means for face (mask, hygienic lipstick, etc.)
transfer to the place of boarding a snowmobile, rent of snowmobiles, sledges, services of a guide-instructor, insurance, rent of warm clothes if necessary, hot tea, sandwiches.
rental of ski / snowboard equipment.
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