Travelling to the Nalychevskaya valley

Travelling to the Nalychevskaya valley

Natural park “Nalychevo” is situated on the eastern coast of the peninsula, in the Eastern Kamchatsky volcanic belt. The square of the park makes 285970 hectares. The main part of the park is the valley of the river Nalycheva in the form of a plate of the size 20 × 8 km, surrounded by the active and extinct volcanoes. In the boundaries of the park there is the Nalychevo lake and Krasheninnikov island in the Avachinsky gulf of the Pacific ocean. The peculiarity of the park’s landscape is connected with permanent volcanic processes, at the result of which there appeared unrepeatable combination of the natural objects: craters, glaciers, calderas, slag cones, solidified lava streams coming down from the tops of the fire-breathing mountains practically up to their foot. The “Nalychevo” park system includes the Avachinskaya group of volcanoes (Kozelsky, Avachinsky and Koryaksky) and DzendzurZhupanovskaya group. The main and unique riches 0f the natural park “Nalychevo” thermal and mineral springs. In the central part of the park among the picturesque mountains on a rather small square there are about 200 sprigs.

It is possible to organize a one – or two-days tour.

One-day route

Time                                                                                                   Program

7:00       Gathering   of the group. Safety   instructions.

              Start. Tourists   travel in the sled. The   snow-mobile   is driven by   a professional    driver . Overcoming   of   the

7:30      Pinachevsky passing. Arrival to the   central   cordon of the park “Nalychevo”. Bathing in the hot springs . Lunch (hot tea, sandwiches, business - lunch). Rest.

17:00     Start   of the return way from the   natural   park.

20:00     Return to   the place   of s tart.

Two-days route

Time                                                                                                      First day

10:00        Gathering   of the   group. Сбор группы. Safety   instructions.

                 Start. Tourists   travel in the sled. The   snow-mobile   is driven by   a professional    driver . Overcoming   of   the

Pinachevsky passing. Lunch. Arrival   to the central   base of   “Nalychevo”. Accommodation in the   lodges. Transfer

10:30 on a snow-mobile   to the   hot springs. Bathing. Rest. Return to the base. Dinner. The night in the   lodges in the   night sacks.

Time                                                                                                    Second day

10:00 Breakfast. Rest. Bathing   in the   hot springs. Lunch. 14:00 After lunch - return to the   place   of start.


You can see

Nalychevo Hot Spring
Nalychevo Valley
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