Ascending of the volcano Mutnovsky

Ascending of the volcano Mutnovsky
Mutnovsky volcano, height 2323, is represented by four emerged cones, the tops of which are destroyed in a different degree by volcanic activity of various character. On the place of the western top there appeared a somma, in which grew a slag cone (the highest point). Then the volcanic activity moved to the western slopes of the massive, where appeared two explosive craters. Their diameter is 1,5 – 2 km, depth Их диаметр 1,5 – 2 km, depth from 300 to 600 m. The craters almost fully covered with ice. In the northern-western part there is a number of small craters of different preservation. One of them is the most active.

Time      Program

                8:00       Gathering   of the group. Moving by car to the settlement Termalny.

                9:30       Arrival to the place of snow-mobiles location. Instructions.

                15:00     Arrival to the Mutnovsky volcano. Hot tea. Photo session.

                17:00     Return to the place of start.

                19:30     Transfer to the place   of group gathering.

Period of tour organizing: February - June Duration: 1 day Number of persons in a group: 4 and more


You can see

Mutnovsky volcano
Gorely volcano

Necessary individual equipment

warm high boots/boots, warm sport wind and water-proof jacket and pants, rucksack for personal things, gloves/mittens, hat, scarf, sun-glasses, mountaineering glasses, protecting means for face (mask, hygienic lipstick, etc.)
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